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Stress Test Free Transfers/Switches - No Need to Stay with Your Existing Lender! Get the Best Rates Available!
  • Purchase contracts written prior to Oct 17 2016 fall under grandfathered rules
  • Mortgages funded prior to Nov 30th 2016 fall under grandfathered rules refinances
  • Grandfathered mortgages can be qualified on contract rate if clients take a 5yr fixed rate or greater
  • Grandfathered mortgages values can exceed $1 Mill
  • Grandfathered mortgages amortizations can exceed 25yrs
  • Example: Mortgage was completed in 2008 with 40yr amortization they are on their second renewal and want to transfer in 2020 we can do the mortgage on contract rate and give the clients a 28yr Amortization (you must prove clients originally had a 40yr amortization)


I can assist you with options for Purchases, Refinances Consolidations, Transfer/Renewals, Rental Properties, First Time Home Buyers, Purchase Plus Improvements, Refinance Plus Improvements, 1st mortgages, 2nd mortgages, Mortgage Line of Credits, Self Employed Stated Income, New to Canada, Construction Financing, Private Financing, Reverse/Chip Mortgages

When your Mortgage is due to be renewed, it's a good idea to review all your financial obligations.  If you have high interest rate credit cards and line of credits, it may be best to consider a consolidation and get everything paid out

IF your Bank said No, I can provide you with a 2nd opinion.  Sometimes we as Mortgage Brokers have other options that the banks can't offer

With 35+ years experience, I know Mortgages!!

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